Pictures Supplied by Cuoco Black – Gym Designer
Pictures Supplied by Cuoco Black – Gym Designer

About the network

Having identified a blatant gap in the marketplace, fitness business owner and industry innovator Mel Tempest, founded this online business network.

Our goal was to create a go-to industry hub where gym owners can connect with industry suppliers and other fitness businesses based throughout Australia, and across the globe.

We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop to support and service the often-very-specific needs of gym owners. We strive to disrupt the Australian industry, and challenge the status quo.

This online space has been created as a resource for fitness business owners to turn to, when they need support, resources or to locate products or services that will help them build a better fitness business or operate more profitably.

We believe there are enough opportunities to go around, for all gyms and fitness businesses to thrive as we help people live healthier and happier lives.

Although gym owners may sometimes feel in competition with each other, the truth is, we are all just one industry. And when we unite and collaborate for the good of the industry, we can all reap the benefits.

If you’re a gym owner, industry supplier, event organiser, educator or anyone else who works in the fitness industry, you’re invited to join The Gym Owners’ Business Network.

To do so, simply submit your details using the form on this page.

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