You Can’t Pour From an Empty Cup. You Must Take Care of Yourself First

Every woman I meet and speak to, has a dream: to live a happy, healthy life. A life that’s long, rich, fulfilling, full of energy and excitement… trouble is they are not really sure what to do about it…

As a Mind / Body Fitness Expert, I inspire busy, stressed, overwhelmed, overweight professional women to put themselves first so they, Finally, make their health and fitness a Top Priority.

Women who train with me put aside Body-Shame for Body- Love and take consistent action to get healthy, fit, energetic and more confident to lead and live life on their own terms.

During my seven years in the Israeli army and later on, with my vast, extensive experience, I helped hundreds of women in their transformation into courageous, confident, strong, self-loving ladies. They learn to stand in their greatness, develop resilience, discover their inner-strength and regain their joy-of-love. They enjoy impressive, long lasting results, all in a balanced, creative, FUN way.

Today I live in a phenomenal, active body and a sound mind enabling me to live my purpose. I am a well-known
International author… my #1 Bestselling book, titled: “Fit Mind Fab Body. No Diet Weight Loss for Busy Women”, Dedicated traveller, an avid bush-walker and in my spare time, playing the saxophone… a fantastic hobby, highly
recommended. But it wasn’t always this way.

Earlier in life I gain over 25 kg. I didn’t know if I’ll ever be able to lose it. I was hiding from the things I was afraid of. I used work I didn’t even like Just to deny I was afraid of human connection, afraid of success, afraid of love, afraid of the world around me. I was constantly denying that I was living in a deep sense of despair and depression. It felt like walking in a long, black tunnel, confused and completely lost.

I didn’t want to overwhelm people, so, what did I do? I was wearing a jacket called Weight. I was living inside a body that didn’t belong to me, suffering shame and embarrassment for a very long time.

I felt trapped in a big way. On the inside I knew who I was but on the outside – it Didn’t Match. So I became Committed to do the emotional, the mental, the spiritual work and then…. The physical work became easier.

I always thought I need to eat less and move more, but it never stuck. It was only when I started to do the Emotional work, the Mind work that I was able to release the unwanted body weight.

I did the work, achieved my goals and that’s why I am so passionate to share with women how they can, too, get
healthier, stronger, fit and confident in Mind and Body.

These are several essential elements I teach , for a true lasting transformation:

  • Mind-Set : In life we get what we’re looking for. What we, Habitually, sort for. Inner dialog is crucial.
  • Diet : here is a secret diet-food companies don’t want us to know. 93% of Dieters fail to keep their weight off for longer than 18 months. You can’t fill your internal emptiness by eating!! Diets DON’T work.
  • Physical Activity : … not ‘ exercise ‘ as this word may have a negative connotation for some. Gardening, dancing. Horse riding…. Preferably, outdoor, in fresh air, under the sky, feeling the grass or sand under bare feet…. Having ducks and birds for company.
  • Living with an Attitude of Gratitude…even for the smallest things. Nothing is taken for granted.
  • Outcome : start with the end in mind…
  • SELF – LOVE is NOT selfish !! Allow it. You deserve it. Practice it. i.e., learn to accept a compliment…

Many people struggle with accountability, they need support in community and they crave structure to create lasting changes and results. And also to escape the isolation of going it alone.

That’s why I have combined many years of experience and passion and created an Holistic, Purely Personal program for women who decides Enough is Enough…. A Life Change is Imminent.

This is a winning combination of physical activity and emotional guidance. Women get an individually – tailored
program. They get to be the centre of attention, they feel cared for and heard…and for some…for the very first time in their life.

My passion is to make things easier for women. To put an end to their struggle with food, with stress, with overwhelm, with overweight. I was there. I Understand. I have the solution.

I help women to, finally, abandon their comfort zone, develop positive, supportive habits, think differently, be KIND to themselves. Live life by design, on their own terms, Love their Fun life !!

We are all, constantly, bombarded with conflicting and confusing messages on health & fitness … Too much
Information not enough Implementation.

This is the reason I wrote my debut book, titled: “ Fit Mind Fab Body. No Diet Weight Loss for Busy Women “ which
very quickly became #1 Bestseller and gained awards and many positive comments.

The book is a practical, step-by-step guide you can come back to again and again. It includes top tips on boosting
confidence, strengthening emotional immunity, using 100% of brain-power instead of 10% only and others.

And a Bonus chapter; 25 Pearls of Wisdom on Happiness, Procrastination, Assertiveness, Self- Love and more. You’ll also find True life stories written by my trainees and myself, lessons, ideas, suggestions that can be applied immediately or when needed. All to make Health & Fitness Journey Simple, Do-able, FUN …. And it all begins in the …Mind.

The book is also for men who want to understand, support and encourage their spouse, mums or sisters on this Fascinating journey of health and wellness.

Every reader gets a 45 min Complimentary Clarity Conversation and an individually autographed copy of the
book – Naturally.

In closing, two curious points;

  • The book was chosen to be included in Ellen DeGeneres 60th Birthday Swag Bag.
  • I was invited by P & O Cruise company to a 7 nights cruise to present my book and work on board of the ship.

All relevant pictures can be seen on my web-site:

You Can’t Pour from an Empty Cup. You Must take care of yourself first


… If you don’t have your health, Nothing else really matters.

Terry Bahat
Mob. +61 421 196 040